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Client : Mohstart Ltd
Building : Centre Court
Website : www.centre-court.com

Centre Court

Serviced Office Space

Mohstart Ltd approached us when they acquired new premises in Birmingham. The building `Centre Court` provides both serviced and non-serviced office space.

The Project

During our initial meeting, we identified the issues that were being faced by the client. Mohstart Ltd informed us that they required a more efficient system to bill their existing tenants.In addition, they requested we help identify areas where savings could be made without impacting the overall experience for the tenants. The client also asked us to identify how the occupancy of the building could be increased. We took note of these requirements and also performed a survey of the building to identify other areas of improvement

We identified that there was a lack of online presence which marketed the premises. In addition, the reception and lobby areas of the building were looking tired. We in particularly focused on the client's website, we felt the website did not portray the potential of the building. We also instructed the client to request testimonials from their existing tenants to display on the newly updated website.

Our Solution

When Nexus started managing Centre Court the occupancy was at 79%. Mohstart Ltd had informed us that it had been at this level for the last 2 years and that they were having difficulty attracting new tenants.

Based on this feedback, we started by reviewing the marketing of the premises. To start we instructed Mohstart Ltd that their existing website required an update. This website did promote the premises but when compared to local competitors, it required a modern refresh. The previous website contained mainly text and few images. We instructed Mohstart Ltd, that new photographs should be taken of the building and offices to show potential clients the potential of the building.

Our suggestions were taken on board and photographs were produced and we suggested that these photographs were the first thing potential clients viewed when they visited the website. The previous website also only listed a telephone number to inquire about office space. We instructed the client to increase the forms of communication between themselves and prospective clients. As a result, a new contact form was added to the website in addition to a live chat feature. The contact us form allowed potential clients to leave their details and a brief description of their requirements and also request a callback. The live chat feature was introduced for clients who had a quick question but did not want to leave their details at this time.

To identify areas where savings could be made, we reviewed the client's existing vendor contract. Our analysis of one such contract helped us identify that the client was paying for services that were no longer required. Based on this we contacted this vendor to renegotiate the contract. Our aim was to ensure that both parties were happy with the outcome of the renegotiation. We achieved this and we instructed the client to reinvest the money saved back into the premises to attract new tenants.


Regarding the billing of tenants, the previous system was not working the way the client wanted. We listened to the client's requirement and introduced a new invoicing system which allowed us to produce monthly reports regarding the rental income and outstanding debt. In addition, this system also kept track of the payments that were being transferred to vendors. The system met the client's needs as it ensured that the client was aware of their monthly income and expenditure and that disruption to existing billing was kept to a minimum.


We continued to act on the findings of our initial review of the business and within a year, we increased the occupancy of the building from 79% to 92%. This was achieved by making changes which included marketing the property online and refreshing the interior of the property. Once the changes identified in our initial report were made, this resulted in the client attracting new tenants. These new tenants, when asked what attracted them to the building did mention the website but also stated that good reviews and recommendations from existing tenants helped convince them that Centre Court was the right place to base their business.

Client Feedback

Mohsin Ahmed - Mohstart Ltd (Director)

"We are very happy with the work done by Nexus, the review they performed helped us identify the issues our business was facing. The financial reports they produced were exactly what we required. Overall we are very happy with their management and we look forward to working together in the future."

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